About FDP-SI

Student Induction Program is designed, to make the newly admitted undergraduate students feel comfortable in their new surroundings, to expand their vision, and to prepare them for the new stage in their life. Induction program will run for three weeks and no regular classes will be held in this period. Purpose of conducting these activities is to assimilate the new students in the culture and ethos of the institution, open them up in their thought making process, set a healthy daily routine, create bonds in the batch as well as with faculty, develop awareness, sensitivity, understanding of the self, the people around them, the society at large and also towards the mother nature.

Daily activities consist of games and physical activities, creative arts, Universal Human Values group discussion, and proficiency modules in case of critical lacunas (English). There are a few more activities that are meant to be conducted during Induction although not necessarily on a daily basis, like a visit to department and introduction to discipline, lectures by eminent people, trip to the local areas (picnic), visit to a village, orphanage or hospital, informal interaction with the senior students and introduction to extra-curricular activities in the college.

AICTE has recommended a 3-week Student Induction Program for newly admitted UG students, compulsory for all technical colleges in a phased manner in the country. Since the Program has to be conducted by faculty members of the institution, a three to seven days Faculty Development Program for Student Induction are being organized in different parts of the country. Several Faculty Development Programs for Student Induction (FDP-SIs) are being organized by ‘National Coordination Committee for Induction Program (NCC-IP)’ with the support from AICTE and their regional offices.